Excel Award's

EXCEL awards is a privileged provider of professional qualifications up to Level 3 in Business Management, Health & Social Care, Hair and Beauty , Ayurveda. We work in collaboration with recognised awarding bodies in the UK for the purpose of providing qualifications to learners through our UK and International centres. It is a fact that today’s workforce in business, health & social care, hair and beauty , ayurveda sectors need updated knowledge in their field, relevant skills and qualifications in order to cope up with the neoteric world and meet the demand of the time. In order to disseminate specialised knowledge, EXCEL awards have carefully designed qualifications that facilitate and nurture an individual’s career prospect.

Excel awards maintains a close relationship with other Awarding Bodies in order to offer its programmes and awards to its accredited centres. We accredit customised qualifications for universities, colleges and specialist training providers ranging from short courses to Level 3. In order to do so, we provide quality assurance for the design, delivery, assessment, moderation and awarding of educational programmes. EXCEL award’s quality assurance committee affirms the foremost excellence to our qualifications with a view to offering learners the best possible learning outcomes. Excel awards is indeed committed to promoting quality education and training through our qualifications that are valued, relevant, and current with a clear progression to higher education and career development